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The Science of Rap The Science of Rap The Science of Rap The Science of Rap The Science of Rap

The Science of Rap

By KRS One, Self-publication, New York, (1996). Second Edition (First Edition in 1995). Text in English. 78 pages. 21,7 x 14,2 cm. Condition : Good (slight fragility when binding. Traces of writing in pen and felt on some pages).

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Former homeless in the streets of the Bronx, launched into Hip Hop by his educator and future partner Scott La Rock (with whom they founded the Boogie Down Production), KRS One is one of hip-hop’s greatest legends. Legendary for his career but above all for his talent as an MC and his incredible longevity. A genius of rhyme, rhythm, rap techniques, a killer. In 1996, he publishes this book on his own account and writes an essay on this science of rap of which he is the perfect master. Published in few copies, it has now become very rare. Krs One delivers an overall vision of rap: its roots, motivations, social and protest aspect, the music industry, rhymes, equipment… “Rap is a verbal expression of an inner-city culture known as Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a mental survival tool for the oppressed youth of America, so that they may feel a sense of self-worth in their daily existence…”.