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Punk Art Exhibition (1978) Punk Art Exhibition (1978) Punk Art Exhibition (1978) Punk Art Exhibition (1978)

Punk Art Exhibition (1978)

Invitation to the Punk Art Exhibition, Washington D.C., May 1978. 12.7 x 9.8 cm (folded). Condition: Very Good. Shown framed in a plexiglass block.


Very rare invitation for the Punk Art Exhibition, the first exhibition devoted to punk-rock culture: “It’s here and in London, Paris, the West Coast and Japan… but we’re the first to get a glimpse of Punk”. On the cover, the ultimate symbol of provocation against the artistic establishment: the Mona Lisa vandalized by graffiti (work by Miller, Ringma and Hoppe). This exhibition (May 5 – June 10, 1978), organized in an alternative space, brought together many artists linked in particular to the world of CBGB. The opening gala brought together among others: John Holstrom (designer and founder of the legendary Punk Magazine), Alan Vega, The Erasers, Neke Carson… The exhibition mixed music (with concerts by many groups), visual arts, cinema and fashion. The invitation contains a program of the main events on a free sheet. This historic initiative was subsequently reorganized in New York and then in Amsterdam in 1979.