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Le Palace (1982) Le Palace (1982)

Le Palace (1982)

Large advertising card, Paris, 1982. 28.4 x 21.1 cm. Text in French. Condition: Excellent.


Large card announcing the “Grand Bal”, “Rich and famous. Superficial and worldly ball. Evening organized at the Palace on March 31, 1982. On the front, a full-page photograph of the entire Palace team in gala attire : Fabrice Emaer (the founder), Sylvie Grumbach, Gilles Roignant, Claude Aurensan and Dominique Segall. On the back, a long text. Extract: “Women will be haughty like the Princess of Laumes, frivolous like Joséphine de Beauharnais, spendthrift like Marie-Antoinette (. ..) men will be handsome like the Aurelian of Aragon, intrepid like Davy Crocket, impeccable like Gary Cooper, romantic like Gatsby (…) The Palace has dared to choose this somewhat impertinent theme in order to practice this “aristocratic art to displease “and he hopes to seduce you once again this Wednesday, March 31, 1982. Rare.