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Le Gai Pied Le Gai Pied

Le Gai Pied

Monthly, Éditions du Triangle Rose, Paris, Jean Le Bitoux (Director of publication), variable pagination (from 12 to 47 pages), April 1979-July 1981, 29 complete issues, Condition: Excellent.


Collection of the first 29 issues of the monthly Le Gai Pied (only number 0 published in February 1979 is missing) in a remarkable state of preservation. Founded by the militant of the homosexual cause Jean Le Bitoux (1948-2010), this magazine owes its name to the philosopher Michel Foucault who wrote an article in the first issue. Le Gai Pied benefited from numerous editorial collaborations including: Jean-Paul Aron, Tony Duvert, Alain Pacadis, Yves Navarre, Guy Hocquenghem, Renaud Camus… and will publish interviews with many personalities including: Jean-Paul Sartre, Pierre Bérégovoy , François Mitterrand, Serge Gainsbourg, David Hockney, Barbara, Juliette Gréco, Marguerite Duras… and numerous current affairs files: the legal status of homosexuals in France and in other countries, guides from Paris, London or from New York, homosexuality through the centuries, classifieds, comics, pornography, Japan, Pier Paolo Pasolini, sadomasochism, Colette, William Burroughs, Roland Barthes, David Bowie, Marcel Proust, Le Palace, bodybuilding, FHAR, etc. In addition to being the main media organ of the homosexual community, Le Gai Pied was a magazine with quality editorial content and politicized. After the departure of Bitoux in 1983, Le Gai Pied will focus more on leisure content than truly militant.