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Hip Hop Flyers (1980) Hip Hop Flyers (1980) Hip Hop Flyers (1980) Hip Hop Flyers (1980)

Hip Hop Flyers (1980)

Two original flyers, Hip-hop evenings (Bronx River Center), November and December 1980, 21.5 x 16.5 cm each, Condition: Excellent (perfect).

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Rare original flyers for hip-hop parties in the Bronx. The first dated November 7 and the second dated December 13, 1980. Organized by Nubian productions, we find all the great DJ’s of the time: Bambaataa, DJ Red Alert, Jazzy Jay, Grand Whizard Theodore as well as the MC’s who accompanied: Soul Sonic Force MC’s, Cosmic Force MC’s, The Cold Crush Brothers. Beautiful graphics signed by Eddie-Ed, one of the great designers of hip hop flyers with Buddy Esquire. Two very rare documents and in absolutely perfect condition.