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Graffiti in Paris (1989) Graffiti in Paris (1989) Graffiti in Paris (1989)

Graffiti in Paris (1989)

Original protest leaflet, Paris, March 1989. 29.6 x 20.9 cm. Condition: Excellent.

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Rare protest leaflet printed by the “Atelier de Catalyse Sociale”, an association from Parisian autonomist circles. Leaflet of support for graffiti artists in the Parisian subways at a time when severe repression is falling on them. Extract:


“The generations of weak employees who agree to drag their misery through the deserts of rails and concrete are currently the object of powerful solicitations. Sociologists, social workers and other cops of all specialties intend to assure them the same bleached wandering for generations by mercilessly tracking down the slightest graffiti.

Where the most beautiful young people risk at least police custody, beatings and, at worst, prison sentences of up to three months (…) where the most beautiful young people take free possession of the means of communication for carriers of goods; there is a fight of the first importance.

The freedom to beg not; it is stolen… This fight of the graffiti artists, which is also ours: filling the city with our signatures is the first way to be human (…) The A.C.S. calls for the cessation of all prosecutions and the generalization of the movement (…) Get angry! To your spraypaint, to your markers, fire!!”