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Fashion Moda (John Fekner) Fashion Moda (John Fekner) Fashion Moda (John Fekner) Fashion Moda (John Fekner) Fashion Moda (John Fekner)

Fashion Moda (John Fekner)

Poster (tract) signed and dated in pencil by American artist John Fekner, 27.7 x 21.3 cm, Bronx (New-York), Fashion Moda Gallery, 1980. Condition: Excellent.


Born in 1950 in New York, an important figure in urban art, John Fekner began his first graffiti in 1968. Adept at stencils and spray paint, Fekner draws and poses his works on the walls of Queens and the South Bronx in the 70s. In 1980, he collaborates with the famous art gallery of the Bronx, Fashion Moda (founded in 1978 by Stefen Eins in the heart of the South Bronx and the first art gallery to defend and legitimize the concept of urban art). Fekner is best known for his panels installed on industrial sites or abandoned and inscribed with words such as “Industrial Fossil”, “Decay” “Abandoned”. On this small poster he represents the future President Regean who came to visit the Bronx in August 1980 (a desolate district, left behind, the Bronx had become the symbol of an America in crisis). So in the middle of the presidential campaign, candidate Reagan had made a voluntary speech full of false promises. Hence the montage of Fekner and the inscription on the wall of the word DECAY (which can be understood in various senses: rotten, mess, corrupt, in ruins). Rare document from the legendary Fashion Moda.