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Bérurier Noir

Two original posters, printing on printer, circa 1986/1987, 41 x 29 cm. Condition: Good (signs of folds and pinholes at each corner). Attached is an original postcard published by Bondage Records, 15 x 10.5 cm. Condition: Excellent. Finally we include a fanzine entitled "Rock à l'Usine", April 1986, limited to 1.000 copies,18 pages. Condition: Excellent ; and An original tract, October 1982, 1 page.

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Very nice ensemble around autonomist, anarchist and punk circles and Parisian alternative rock. First, two posters of the Berurier Noir group, the real spearhead of the movement. These posters mention “Sida Mental” which uses the expression used by a reactionary journalist from Le Figaro (Louis Pauwels) to designate the youth who demonstrated in the streets of Paris in 1986. Then, a very interesting fanzine published by the association “Rock à l’Usine” which was based in Montreuil in the suburbs of Paris. This association which squatted a disaffected factory, organized in these places meetings and especially concerts (because few clubs accepted to welcome groups wrongly judged as dangerous or undisciplined). The number of this fanzine appeared just after the expulsion of the association by the police in April 1986. This operation was the scene of a pitched battle between the police and the autonomists. The slogan is simple: “Musicians, Graffiti artists, Creators, Public! All together we will occupy other factories”. Finally, We enclose a leaflet dated 1982 denouncing the expulsion of squatters in a popular district of Paris. Rare and very interesting set.